Job Search Myths to Ignore, Part 1: You Must Use a Landline For a Phone Interview

In a recent article posted by Alison Green on Yahoo! Finance through U.S. News and World Report, Green discussed 10 outdated pieces of career information to ignore.

As Green states “Job-search advice that worked a decade or more ago isn’t always effective today,” she wrote. “In fact, some of it can hurt your chances.” It’s a great article that deals with many scenarios today’s job seeker faced yesterday – that may not apply today.

In the first of this 10-part series, Get a Job Fast blogger Matt Krumrie takes Green’s analysis and breaks it down even further.

Here is part one:

Green says: You must use a landline for a phone interview
These days, many people don’t even have access to a landline, so this advice has become unrealistic. It’s still better to use a landline if you have one, but if you have to use a cell phone, check first to make sure that you’re somewhere quiet with good reception and strong sound clarity.

Get a Job Fast Analysis
Green is spot on here. Many job seekers and professionals – especially those just out of college or in the early stages of their career don’t have a landline. I agree with Green who says it’s better to use a landline if it is available, but only because landlines are still often more clear. Whether you use a landline or cell phone the key is to be somewhere quiet, private and rid of outside or inside noise. Avoid talking at your local coffee shop, or keeping the windows open at your house while a neighbor is cutting down trees.

Bottom Line
A landline or a cell phone is just fine – just make you are isolated and prepared to devote all your time and attention to the conversation with the employer. If you are distracted the employer will most certainly know and if they know, you won’t be getting a job fast – or anytime soon.

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